Europes Christmas Markets

If someone says Christmas market – I say “HOT WINE”. Its a good feeling than its chilly outside, but you are dressed in warm clothes, with million Christmas lights around you, and  background sounds are filled with people laugh & Christmas songs. Top up this combination with of glass of sweet hot wine and a company of your loved ones. And that is that I call Christmas market.  It really employs all human senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and feeling… and creates this unique experience

I LOVE Christmas market as It delights people with so much goodness.

Nicely decorated shopping stands invite people to pick up unique art pieces:  to wear, to decorate their home for festive season, to surprise a friend, or to make a little ones happy.

Additionally to local artists goodies there are many treats for food lovers: some of them can be consumed on the spot (this is there all the smells & laughs come from), there others make nice gifts 🙂

If you not into shopping – no problem – you are also covered. There are plenty other activities to choose from:

  • Walk around while enjoying the beauty of all DECORATIONS & soaking up festive ATMOSPHERE. This is actually my second favorite activity to do after visiting food stands 🙂
  • CONCERTS Check out Christmas market schedule and plan your trip when they have some performance. They usually have some at the weekends or closer to the Christmas date
  • Put your SKATES on and hit the ice It is not available in all market – but it is getting quite popular
  • CAROUSELS nearly each Christmas market have these for small visitors, but some treat bigger visitors with such attraction as well.
  • FOOD & DRINKS, have I mentioned this one already ? 🙂 🙂 🙂


This year I want to visit: COLMAR/France (done), BASEL (done), ZURICH, PRAGUE, VILNIUS markets..

I told you – I love them (heart).. And it always advisable to do what you love …

I am planning to publish a short piece on each of them, but for now – please check out these short videos

 Colmar Christmas Market

Basel Christmas market

(More details and pictures in the next post)

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