Aare Gorge (Aareschlucht) 🇨🇭

 It’s one of these unusual places, where you catch yourself thinking:  “this mother nature is just unreal”. This time I wish to share about Aare Gorge or Aareschlucht (german translation). Then weather or other life activities are not allowing to make new adventures – we can sometimes dig through the past trips and get these memories alive again..
Its easy to remember this place as this is not something you can forget easily, we also happen to be there two times already (both times with guests and both times then sun was not spoiling us).
Lets be honest when people are visiting 🇨🇭 the places they want to see the most are mountains. But weather conditions not always allows that. I mean, you always can go up to the mountains, but if its cloudy or rainy day, there is big chance that you would see only some beautiful grey fog… And if you are not using your legs as a transport to get there –  the view of fog comes not at the cheap price. Therefore if sun is not shining & sky full of clouds you still can explore Switzerland to its fullness.

Some facts:

During the walk in the gorge you will see: the narrowest place is as narrow as only 1 meter wide and the widest part reaches 40 meters. The highest part of the cliffs  stretches as high as 180 meters (fits perfectly in love mountains topic 😎) and the river itself is as deep as 5 meters at parts. Sometimes its difficult to get the head around and imagine power of water and time… During thousands of years water did this to the limestone….
Aare Gorge – Aareschlucht
Aareschlucht – Tunnels

Visiting Aareschlucht

These are the reasons why Aareschlucht is a good choice:

  • Views are rare & beautiful
  • Its an easy 1,4 km walk which can be easily done by a small kid or older person with limited mobility. Paths consist from bridges & tunnels, which are protected with the rails
  • Its a good value (compare to overall prices in Switzerland)
  • Infrastructure is very welcoming with restaurants at both ends of the walk, generous parking & kids playground by the main entrance.
We enjoyed it & wishing you the same.. ☺️
Aareschlucht – also suitable to mess around a bit 🙂

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