Hike to Trübsee (Engelberg – Titlis)

Why oh why weekends are so short? Well, regardless how short they are, we managed to do what we love – we went to the mountains!!! And same as last time, we were rewarded with an amazing weather. It would be safe to say – it was one of the most beautiful autumn’s day. Last time when we were in the mountains some clouds were in the sky and we were actually had to wait for clouds to swim away and open up the views for us… But this time was different – there were not a single cloud in the sky. Blue skies with constant sunshine were spoiling us all day. I hope this is not a goodbye from warm weather.. On the other hand, winter comes with its benefits: Christmas markets & decorations, time with family and friends.  Also New year, allowing people to start over & last but definitely not least – mountains full of snow ❄️ .

Ok, enough about the future, lets comeback to the present or even better to the last weekend. The place we visited on the weekend is called Engelberg, with the highest point mt. Titlis, which is – 3’238 m. Switzerland wouldn’t be Switzerland if the place wouldn’t have hundred and one path to hike in the area. And how to choice THE ONE is alway a million dollar question:) This time we had few limitations: we wanted to comeback to the same place we started, we wanted our hike to be panoramic, we were looking for something quite difficult, so we could count it as the exercise. We also have a time constraints as we left home very late. In the end – we picked the path which suppose to get us high enough.. But trip didn’t go as planned and its ok 🙂 We allow some spontaneous change to our itinerary.

Hike to Truebsee

Selected path suppose to be from Engelberg via Pfaffenwand to Lake Trübsee and then on to Jochpass. The actual path was only to Lake Trübsee through Untertrübsee.  Never the less we were happy about this hike as it was so enjoyable.. it was mostly in the forests and meadows, green areas.  We met quite a few people hiking down with dogs, small kids, not even wearing hiking gear. But we advise at least hiking shoes because the path were quite rocky and slippy in some places.

Hike to Truebsee Titlis

Some people may think that all mountains look the same – you see it once and you are done — WRONG. After each trip to the mountains we come back with the bunch of new experiences and  full of positive energy. We usually are pretty tired and re-charged at the same time 🙂

Truebsee lake

This time a novelty in the mountains was a lake. I never saw a lake which is actually high in the mountains.. And the reflection of mountains in the water was just WOW. I tried hard to capture the beauty & took maybe million pictures, but at the end I came to understand that you just got to come and see it with your own eyes.

Truebsee - Titlis

Pink & sweet addition in the picture is a treat we brought with us to mark our one month wedding anniversary ❤️.  However it was not enough to fill us, so we went for something bit hearty and local.

alpine macaroni

Maybe because we were hungry, or maybe because myliuka#2 loves pasta, but it was really delicious. Creamy pasta + fried onion + boiled potato cubes + apple jam.  After checking online what is this dish, I found its called  Älplermagronen   (Swiss Germans language), which translates as alpine macaroni.

Truebsee - TitlisTruebsee - Titlis

Trübsee lake is at the first stop with the cable car on a way to Titlis, therefore it is easy accessible to many without a long hike…  It is also very family friendly with couple playgrounds, campfire places, benches and hammocks…

Truebsee - Titlis

Very unexpected highlight to our trips was a rowing boat, which was available to rent for a small donation:).  It was available in first come first serve basis, and after only just a short wait, we were rocking this boat 🚣

Because we spent more time by the lake than we originally intended, we end up not going to Jochpass (time was against us), but we didn’t take a cable car down either, we walked down.. we were back to the car just before the sunset 🌅

Truebsee - Titlis

We feel grateful and fortunate for being able to do what we love 💕 And wishing the same to all..  🙂

Short video to about the day –  happy watching 😎

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