Lauterbrunnen – Sulward – Isenfluh

First October weekend – one beautiful & sunny day just with couple clouds. Few days in advance we decided we would go to the mountains, just one more time – before winter comes. After quick research online (main factor – distance from home :)) we had selected Lauterbrunnen (and some villages around it). Idea was not to have this as a super active trip with a lot of walking & hiking, but more like a day with an easy walk while enjoying  beautiful mountains & autumn colors.  It end up to be amazing day.


First stop – “Staubbachfall” waterfall. I didn’t hear about this waterfall before, but its actually quite famous & absolutely beautiful – being nearly 300m high –  makes it one of highest waterfall in Switzerland. Lucky tourists even get a chance to walk by the rock behind the waterfall and experience the true name of this waterfall “Staub” (means dust). This is the sensation you get when you watch it from behind 🙂


Isenfluh & Sulwald

Short ride on the narrow mountain road and we reached our starting point for the actual walk. Isenfluh is small charming village with few good features such as cable car & giant scooters (monster trottis). Whoever have been in Switzerland mountains (specially in tourist popular places) know that price for cable cars or mountain trains are very expensive, so it was quite nice surprise to see that price is not high at all. Ok ok ok- it dont get you to the top of the world where James Bond was filmed, but it definitely gets you high  enough to enjoy lovely walks, beautiful scenery & warm cup of tea.


Hazelnut cake from Sulwald Stübli was yummy. I have to admit I read about it online. All day we had some clouds in the sky, but even with some small obstacles the view were lovely and super relaxing..

Cloud & Mountains with village in the valley

And Monster trotti was totally new experience for us – which made this trip even more memorable. We picked up the scooters at the top cable car station in Subwald and dropped them off at the end of  well prepared track in Isenfluh.  At the start I was a little nervous- wasn’t sure how fast would it go, how difficult to break or turn… But it was easy & enjoyable 🙂 . It really depends on person and his/her tolerance for speed 😀

Monster Trotti

All in all – day was super… Would highly recommend for a beautiful day in the mountains without crowds, without breaking  the sweat or the bank.

Some highlights of this trip in the video ( enjoy) 🙂





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