This is how we spend our time these days ... Making a good use of the whiteboard 🙂 and not only for drawing, but also for studies :)))))  


Mood is changing.. I asked for the butterfly & he gave me one. Man still a bit angry(ish), but I am positive that soon we will see a big smile… (Doodle done on 17.10.17)


Not every day is full of rainbows and butterflies. We are all humans with anger, pain and sadness..  Just a normal cycle of life..

Lauterbrunnen – Sulward – Isenfluh

First October weekend - one beautiful & sunny day just with couple clouds. Few days in advance we decided we would go to the mountains, just one more time - before winter comes. After quick research online (main factor - distance from home :)) we had selected Lauterbrunnen (and some villages around it). Idea was... Continue Reading →

Getting personal :)

No this is not a picture from a kid in the kindergarten, but very personal touch from Myliuka 🙂 I was keep asking Myliuka to draw a header picture for this site.. and finally some progress - happy to introduce a Sketch. Not so ready yet to be a header picture, but perfect for the... Continue Reading →

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