Intro: Vanda-Casper-Zinnia

Before we dive into mountain & travel topics, I feel a duty to do a proper introduction.

Please meet our cat, called Vanda-Casper-Zinnia (we use only one name at the time). Vanda it’s her third name and I doubt it’s the last one. Her first and official name is Zinnia, which is in her passport, given by her breeders. The second name is  Casper -same as friendly ghost from the movies. She was very very shy for the first year and not many people saw her  in a flesh. Then we were having visitors, she was hiding in the furthest corner of the apartment. Some friends even started to question if she is real and if we really own a cat. To reassure you all – she is real 🙂

I noticed she  gets a bit more friendly & brave with age. Lets see, maybe in couple years she will be greeting visitors at the door ( I wish, but I doubt that).

Lately we call her Vanda. Myliuka #2 came up with his name. This is simply a females name in Lithuanian language. Stereotype for such name is someone who would be a good opinion about themselves, however sometimes doing silly things – just like our Vanda.

She doesn’t travel with us, but she is that one thing we rushing back home to. She already featured on our Christmas card last year.. 🙂 Love Love Love


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