Intro: Vanda-Casper-Zinnia

Before we dive into mountain & travel topics, I feel a duty to do a proper introduction. Please meet our cat, called Vanda-Casper-Zinnia (we use only one name at the time). Vanda it’s her third name and I doubt it’s the last one. Her first and official name is Zinnia, which is in her passport, given... Continue Reading →

ITs Time

I wanted to start blogging years ago - but for one or another reason I didn't. But now - ITs TIME. I am more interested in writing and my husband wants to make videos - making us a good team to offer a full range service to our followers (future followers  😀 ). SO assumption... Continue Reading →

First picture

Myliuka#2 has many talents, one of them is sketching. This was a first picture he send to Myliuka#1 even before they were dating. He said it helps to relax, lets hope there will be many more of these cool pictures    

Why MyliukaMyliuka

Myliukamyliuka is not even a real word, but its super sweet in Lithuanian language (my Lithuanian readers would understand). One day we were just messing and telling "love" to each other and next thing its our nickname for each other ... "Myliuka" consist from MYLIU-ka, where "myliu"- means "I love" and "ka" - is added... Continue Reading →

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